How to Measure Your ROB – “Return on Blog”

Kazmania TeamContent, Lead Generation

While video marketing and multimedia messaging is more popular than ever right now, there is still a very important place in the inbound marketing spectrum for blog content. That’s because by and large, people still want to read simple and digest-able content that informs and entertains. While the rules and industry standards for things like how long a blog post needs to be and how many keywords it should contain will continue to evolve as our digital landscape becomes more sophisticated, the need for blog content isn’t going away anytime soon.

But now that you understand the value of business blogging and you’re toiling away creating awesome posts that will inform and entertain key readers, you still need to know that there is a tangible return on your blogging investment — or as we like to call an “R.O.B.”

Now, calculating your R.O.B. isn’t always as obvious as a click-to-conversion measured in dollar signs. That’s because it’s part of a total sales funnel – not a single piece. So instead of looking at ROI of blog content only as a dollar figure, consider a combination of three measurable categories to track the effectiveness of your blog content: reader engagement and overall reach, subscriptions and leads captured, and revenue from closed sales(R.O.B).

Reader Engagement and Overall Reach

How to Measure Your R.O.B - One of the key benefits of blogging for your business is the strong awareness that you’re building about your brand and company. This means that a wider audience now has the ability to learn about who you are, what you do, the services you offer, and essentially, how you can help alleviate their pain points. Therefore, you should first focus on analyzing engagement and reach metrics for each post that’s published so that you can gain a better understanding of what type of content resonates most with your readers (which posts are they engaging with by liking, sharing, commenting on, etc.).

Blog subscriptions and leads captured

How to Measure Your R.O.B - Since each blog post that you create is a magnet at the top of your sales funnel, it’s important to make sure that you have a sticky way to capture reader information at the end of every post. A great way to do this is to make sure you’re including a compelling call-to-action (CTA) at the bottom of every single blog post you create. In fact, no post that you publish should go without one. CTAs can include an offer to get a free resource guide, an invite to schedule a free phone consultation, an offer to download a free podcast, etc. But the key to capturing leads with these CTAs is to ensure that every giveaway is gated – this means that an email address or phone number has to be submitted in order to claim the free offer. Another common but less effective form of lead capture through blog posts includes encouraging readers to subscribe to receive posts directly in their inbox. By making sure that you have a way to capture each lead at the bottom of the post, you can better quantify the value that each post is bringing you.

Revenue from closed sales  

How to Measure Your R.O.B - Each lead that is collected through subscriptions and opt-ins for the offers listed in the CTAs at the bottom of every post needs to be followed up with and nurtured (stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on this from us). After all, if a reader of your blog post found its content to be interesting enough to take steps to either subscribe to your blog or receive some form of material from you, then they see you as a valuable resource. And eventually, your marketing team will be able to calculate the revenue generated from leads who entered the funnel from blog content.

It’s important to remember that measuring the effectiveness of your blog content can be placed into various categories. But it’s not always as simple as placing an ad and measuring the direct clicks to conversions. So focus on creating content that encourages an engaged audience and move into driving that audience to subscribe or claiming an offer so that you can capture leads and then nurture them over time.

And remember, if you need some help with creating blog content for your company or your R.O.B, we’re here to help. Schedule a phone consultation with us today and let’s chat!