How Do I Set Up “Google My Business”?

Natasha KhairullahContent, Lead Generation

If you are a small or medium-sized business, setting up a Google My Business account is one of the most effective ways to get found by your customers online. With over a billion users, Google is by far the most popular search engine in the US. In fact, 70% of online searches are performed on Google, as compared to Bing or Yahoo.

If you are still debating on whether setting up a Google My Business account is worth it for your company, we highly recommend this article on our blog, which breaks down the benefits of Google My Business and answers basic questions you might have.

So Now that you know what it is and why it’s important, let’s jump right in to how to get it set up! But first, some basic answers to some FAQs that we get pretty often.

Where Will Information from My Google My Business Page Appear?

The information you add to your Google My Business Page will appear on all Google products – including in searches, in the Knowledge Panel, and on Google maps. This is part of the reason claiming and updating this information is so vital.

The Knowledge Panel is particularly important, because this information is often pulled by third party sites, and if this information is in correct it can appear all over the web. Which can lead to frustrated customers who don’t understand why you charged them more than they found online.

Here is an example of the information that shows up for a local pizza place in Jacksonville, Florida when you search for the brand name in Google. See the information in the right sidebar? That is the Knowledge Panel, and it is pulled directly from the Google My Business page.


How frustrated would you be if you saw this place was open until 2 am, then found it closed when you got there at 9 pm because that information was incorrect? Making sure your Google My Business information is correct will prevent this scenario.

How Do I Set Up Google My Business?

Ready to get started? It is quite an easy process! We will walk you through it, step by step.

First things first, you need your own Google account. If you don’t have on already, you can set one up here. You can choose to use a current email account, or get a new @gmail account. This will give you access to all the programs Google offers including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Play, Google Maps, and much more.

Once you have your Google account, you are able to claim and create a listing for your business.

1 – Go to

2 – Click on the ‘hamburger bun’ icon in the upper left corner (It looks like three lines)

3 – Click “Create a Business Account”

4 – Enter in your business name, and click Done.

You should see your business, which will look like this:


5 – The next step is to verify your location. Click “Manage”, then “Add a single location”

6 – This will take you to a page where you can enter all your information in, including your location, phone number, and category. Make sure to click “NO” to the last field, which states “I deliver goods and services to customers at their location”. Only businesses with a store front can create a Google My Business Page.


7 – Click “Continue”

8 – If there is a similar business already on Google Maps, you may be asked if it is your business. If it isn’t, click “This doesn’t match”. If it is your brand, click on the address label and you will be walked through how to claim your listing.


9 – Next, you will be asked if you are authorized to manage the business. Click “yes”.


10 – The next step is to verify your business. This step takes a while, but it prevents anyone else from being able to claim your business and control all your information.


11 – Once you receive your post card and enter the code, you will be able to completely set up and customize your page. Add your phone number, website, pictures, a virtual tour, respond to reviews and so much more!


Now that you’ve got your page set up, it is time to start adding great content so you can connect with your customers.