Reduce Client No-Shows with Scheduling Automation

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If you run a service based business, there is a good chance that your biggest headache is missed appointments. Your client then has to reschedule and you are stuck with unbooked time. Everyone is unhappy. You could have your receptionist call or email everyone with an upcoming appointment, but that is labor intensive and may fall by the wayside during busier periods.

But, there is a solution – through scheduling automation. This article will discuss what the real financial impact of no-shows is, and then I will show you how to avoid as many no-shows as possible – and I think you will be surprised by how simple it can be. First, let’s discuss why this matters so much.

The Impact of No-Shows in a Service-Based Business

The most obvious impact of no-shows is the revenue you lose as a result of that unfilled time. Unlike other industries, such as retail or hospitality, service based businesses make money based on the amount of time you spend with a client. And when that client misses their appointed time, they often reschedule. Leaving you with a block of time you or your employees won’t get paid for. If they reschedule you have essentially spent double your time for one appointment. Obviously, you might be able to fill that slot, but that doesn’t always happen. Another impact is a shift in scheduling. If you were expecting 5 appointments, you likely scheduled 5 service providers. If those employees are salary based, you are now paying for someone who has nothing to do. In this case, a no show is directly costing you money.

In addition, you now have to reschedule that customer, which requires even more staff time.No-shows are frustrating and financially draining. But the solution is simple, and you might already be using a tool that can help.

Scheduling Automation Can Help

You are likely already using automation in some way – perhaps to send out scheduling confirmations or to remind patients of days your offices are closed. But, if you aren’t using scheduling automation to reduce your no-shows, you are missing out on a simple opportunity to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. There are multiple ways to send automatic reminders, including through email, phone, and text. Best of all, you can set it up so that it happens automatically – which means it doesn’t require any more time or resources from your end. From big banks to local nail salons, businesses of all sizes and in all industries are relying on online scheduling software to streamline their reservation and scheduling processes. Common features include self-scheduling options, record keeping, automatic email reminders, and many other automation features. In most cases, the process is totally seamless from start to finish. Clients make their own appointments, confirm the time, receive reminders before the appointment and may even pay through the system.

If You Are Looking for a Way to Minimize No-Show Rates, Scheduling Automation is Just What You Are Looking for

Automated appointment reminders save a massive amount of time and resources. Stop wasting your businesses’ most precious resource (your staff’s time) on manual phone calls and emails. Instead, find an automated scheduling software that fits your needs. Once the process is put into place, you can get back to focusing on what really matters – providing rock solid customer service and high-quality services.

Final Thoughts

Sending appointment reminders is a simple way to improve your customer’s experience and improving your bottom line. Marketing automation, which you are likely already using, is one of the simplest ways to put this process in place. Whether you choose to send automatic emails, texts, or phone calls, automatic reminders help keep appointments filled, help avoid over staffing issues, and helps your business run more efficiently. To learn more about how we can help put some slick automation in place for your small business, click the button below.

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