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Long Sales Cycles? High dollar transactions? — We get it!

“I have spent the last 20 years designing, selling, and implementing Sales, Service, and agile Marketing solutions for hundreds of companies. Kazmania was built from the ground-up to focus on the sales and marketing problems that are specific to technology product and service companies.”
Steve "Kaz" Kasinetz | Founder & CEO
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Why Your Marketing Doesn’t Drive Results

Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing is a strategy devised specifically for SMB’s to help you transform your sales and marketing activities. We utilize the best software tools on the planet to create a sales and agile marketing machine that will help you attract new prospects, convert those prospects into customers and provide a “wowing” customer experience.┬áKazmania has taken the core principles of agile development and created an amazing way to plan and execute your marketing strategy.

What is Agile Lifecycle Marketing?

  • Forecast

    Every month you purchase a set number of points. Those points are used selecting services from Kazmania’s Marketing Menu of Services.

  • Freedom

    Utilizing our collaborative project management platform, reprioritizing your agile marketing activities is as simple as dragging and dropping.

  • Transparency

    You have total visibility and accessibility into all of your agile marketing activities. We even offer a mobile app for you to accept and reject action items.

Our Process

1 We as an Agile Marketing Company work with you to develop a comprehensive sales and lifecycle marketing plan based on your current pain points, goals, and your monthly budget. From there, a month-1 action plan is created and then revised continuousy as your business grows and your needs expand and evolve.

2 We execute your marketing strategies, month-by-month, based on your points and goals. Depending on your needs, we can create and manage all of your marketing campaigns and content marketing- or just some of it. You have total flexibility. We can also train your team.

3 We create detailed reporting using meaningful metrics and provide you with access to those reports via an interactive dashboard. We review reporting with you weekly so that you have a clear understanding of your marketing programs' reach and return.

What We Do

Since 2010, clients have relied on Kazmania to help them grow. What we typically do for our clients:

  • Get more qualified leads
  • Save time through automation
  • Stay top of mind during a long sales cycle
  • Provide pipeline visibility
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Create ideal customer profiles
  • Develop marketing strategy

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