Email Marketing & Automation

A focused email marketing and Automation strategy keeps you top-of-mind as a solution-provider to all of the valuable prospects you’ve attracted. By regularly emailing educational information, special offers and industry updates to those on your list, you’re also building trust and strengthening your relationship with them. Segmenting your list and then incorporating some smart automation tools will ensure you’re able to manage, measure and optimize your marketing funnel. We help provide a full-service email marketing and automation solution that includes everything from refining your list segmentation, creating your email content strategy and designing targeted drip campaigns. A kickass automation platform not only helps save time, but it also provides the data needed to optimize touch times and refine messaging based on what is and isn’t resonating with readers.

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Even seasoned email marketing professionals make mistakes sometimes and it’s easy to forget to check one or two things. Using a checklist to check and double check can help ensure that your outbound emails have the best chance of succeeding.
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