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Need help making the most of your campaigns in Infusionsoft?

Our team members have gone through rigorous training to become an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. Each team member has at least 200 hours of Infusionsoft training. We know how to make it sing.

  • Platform Setup

    New to Infusionsoft? We’ve got you covered. We’ll take care of all of your account setup as well as migrations from other platforms if applicable. If you’re already using Infusionsoft but need some help with cleanup and optimization, we can do that, too.

  • Email Marketing

    Showing up in your prospect’s inbox regularly can be the difference between being remembered or forgotten when they’re ready to buy. And for your current customers, consistent offers via email marketing keep your brand top-of-mind and encourage referrals. Let us help.

  • Sales Funnel Setup

    Setting up targeted sales funnels is a crucial component to any successful lifecycle marketing plan. It not only helps you nurtures prospects through each stage of the sales process, but it also assists in lead scoring.

  • Social Integration

    We help implement powerful tools, add-ons and social integrations that make it fast and easy to: create evergreen timed offerings, synced Facebook ads, GoToWebinar integrations and much more!

  • Optimized Landing Pages

    Regardless of how kick ass your products and services are, if the landing page that you’re putting in front of prospects isn’t properly conveying that, you’re wasting your time. We’ll help you build effective pages that tell your story AND convert.

  • List Segmentation

    Have an active email list that you’ve been marketing to but your conversion results suck? We’ll build you razor-sharp list segments based on your customer and prospect insights and then target those segments with laser-focused campaigns that convert.

Why Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is the premier inbound marketing platform in today’s marketplace. As we looked for ways to help our clients manage leads, stay in touch with prospects, and generate more business time and again we kept hearing the same name – Infusionsoft. As Infusionsoft certified partners, we have undergone a rigorous training process ensuring that our clients utilize the power of Infusionsoft Marketing Automation to its fullest potential. There is a steep learning curve to Infusionsoft Marketing and it could be overwhelming to some. Our training and expertise allows our clients to ease into the wide range of services available and start generating business immediately. Just as Kazmania is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed, so too is Infusionsoft.

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As the best methods for marketing your product or service continue to evolve, modern techniques replace more traditional approaches. Understanding and implementing the latest methods can make a big impact on your marketing team’s productivity and effectiveness. We’ve put together a Small Business Marketing Resource Package that includes three eBooks designed to provide an overview of these techniques and a breakdown of how you can implement them successfully and seamlessly into your current strategy.

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  • The Small Business Guide to Email Metrics

  • 25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

  • The Small Business Guide to Content Marketing