Perpetual Marketing System

This is not a get rich quick scheme

Spending $10K is not going to generate $1 million in business next week. Your team must be willing to invest the time required for our team to understand your company and your customers. Only then, can we create effective marketing strategies and content to meet your goals.

We only work with clients that have
the right mindset to grow and scale

Our clients are tired of playing the vendor management game and hiring 20 different people on Upwork and Fiverr for their marketing needs. It takes time, hard work, and dedication to put the pieces in place to grow from $1 – $10M. We can help you get there. We will work together to set goals, create the strategy, and execute. Knowing your ideal client and effectively marketing to them typically results in 50% more business for 33% of the cost.

The Process

  • Review results – A/B test to measure CPC, Conversion rates, website traffic, social engagement.
  • Make Changes – Change ads, landing pages, and content where necessary.
  • Report Results – Weekly strategy sessions to review results..

The Deliverables

  • Set Goals

    Nothing gets better unless you measure it. Define goals for sales, number of clients, awareness, subscribers, ad performance, ROI…

  • Define Ideal Client

    Create personas for each of your customer avatars, how to validate them, and define the pain points and value propositions for each of these personas.

  • Market Research

    We identify the appropriate keywords and phrases to include a combination of market and industry specific terms for laser focusing your campaigns. Identify where your ideal client lives and key influencers to get your message out.

  • Buyer’s Journey

    Map your marketing material to the different stages of the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration, decision, remorse.

  • Content Audit Assessment

    Review all existing marketing collateral, identify keywords, personas and stages in the buyer’s journey.

  • Create Strategy Guide

    The overall marketing strategy, where all the pieces of the puzzle come together. Something you can hang on your wall.

  • Content Calendar

    Create a 90-day content calendar for web and social that identifies content by persona and buyer’s journey.

  • Strategic Marketing Funnel

    Build the lead magnet, landing pages, ads, email campaigns and automation

  • Marketing Automation/CRM

    Building the automation machine to seamlessly implement the strategy

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